What I really

What I really wanted and needed today was have some quiet time to myself. Quiet time, by myself, uninterrupted. Strike one, husband had to work. Strike two, my little guy’s birthday. Strike three, stay at home mom of an easily angered 23.5 month old. Strike four, I don’t want to turn off my phone because there are people I want … Continua a leggere

I recently learned

I recently learned that the parent of a friend has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia. My friend packed up her husband and kids, sold her house, left a job she loves in her chosen field, and moved 2,000+ miles back into her childhood home. Brain cancer and dementia are two very different diagnoses, but they have a lot in common, … Continua a leggere

Okay not really.

Okay not really. But I hear the pounding of feet everywhere, as moms get ready for school to start tomorrow, and I am a bit happy as well, but not 100% happy. You see, Autumn has developed what I like to call the “preschool princess” syndrome. She thinks the world revolves around her, and has no need for manners as … Continua a leggere